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Kids Kloset

Kids Kloset is a semi-annual consignment sale that brings parents together and offers a smart way to earn money for outgrown children's items while offering new parents the opportunity to purchase needed items at the fraction of the cost. In addition to loads of tables of individual sellers, the AECPTA also runs a bake sale and 50/50 raffle. There are two Kids Kloset sales a year, one in the fall and one in the spring; the sales generally take place on a Saturday from 7am to noon at Avon Middle School.  These are two of the biggest fundraisers for the club each year!


Upcoming Sales

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  Sale Spaces

How does the sale work? The sale is organized by 10'x10' seller spaces in the large common area and gym of Avon Middle School. Individuals needing to sell outgrown children's items will buy a space or spaces to display their items the day of the sale. The sellers will pay a modest fee for the space, are able to set their own prices and receive all of the profit from their sold items. Sellers use a table provided and/or extra tables and rolling racks from home to display their items attractively. Thanks to the free advertising the club provides, sellers take advantage of buyers from all over the Cleveland are interested specifically in children's items.

Contact Us
Any questions regarding selling or anything else please email kidskloset@avonecpta.org.

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